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Mosque at 28 Carrington Street, Bradford, EN BD3 8AE

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    I’m not one to write bad reviews or slate mosques. But my experience from going to this mosque as a child still gives me trauma. The way they treated their students and used their own evil ulterior motives to single out students and mentally torture them was absolutely disgraceful. I was made to stand for my whole two hour mosque session for 3 weeks straight, in one spot. Due to one of the ‘aapas’ having a disagreement with my mother regarding me being forced to sit in a corner facing the wall for a week straight due to my mother not returning their calls. Although my mother had apologised, they still forced me to stand in front of my whole class and read my Quran stood up for my 2 hour session. Whilst they would make comments and shout at me for moving side to side whilst stood up, they would make comments about my mother and how she is a disrespectful women and I deserve this, I WAS 12 YEARS OLD just to remind you. AAPA FARIDA, what an evil disgraceful human being you are, you should be ashamed to call yourself an aapa. The way you treated me, being a child and made disgusting comments about my mother and mentally tortured me and tried to shame me was the most horrifying and traumatic experience of my life. Eventually I left as one evening when I finished masjid, I had my iPod in my bag which I didn’t use throughout masjid time and didn’t realise was in my pocket until I got to masjid. It was turned off and out of use until I left the masjid gates and I took it out and was going to my friends who lived opposite the masjid. AAPA ASIA who was stood outside the gates, tried to snatch it out of my hand and when I held on to it, she tried to drag my scarf off and pull my head backwards and fought with me to take the iPod out of my hand. Me being a 12 year old child was absolutely traumatised, she took my iPod and ran in to the masjid whilst I was running after her to ask for it back. She shouted at me to get out of here and saying I’m not getting it back. Me being a child went home crying and obviously my parents came in and kicked up a fuss. Also to mention, two sisters who were in my class. AAPA SAIMA used to shame them in front of the whole class and say your parents haven’t paid fees and why aren’t they paying. These girls were also 12/13 how is that even appropriate. Due to the fees not getting paid, she made them stand up in front of the whole class for the whole 2 hour masjid session for weeks due to their fees not being paid by their parents, it wasn’t even the poor girls fault. I still remember them stood there crying and I felt so hurt and sorry for them yet this aapa did not. until they eventually they left too. So for everyone wanting to send their children to this mosque AVOID AVOID AVOID at all costs. They are nothing but evil greedy mentally torturing human beings and no child should have to go through that.

    Added January 16, 2024 by Madeeha majid
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